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Tip of the Week: LinkShare Deep Links

Deep Links are links that direct your site’s visitors to a specific page on an Advertiser’s site rather than to the Advertiser’s homepage. They are links that go deeper into a site. The Deep Linking page in the Links tab of the Publisher Dashboard  lists all of your advertiser-partners enabled for this feature.

To create a Deep Link to one or more Web pages on an advertiser’s site, follow the steps below. Please note: you’ll probably want another tab open on your browser to navigate the advertiser’s site.

1. Click LINKS >> DEEP LINKING from the main menu in the Publisher Dashboard.

2. Select an advertiser-partner from the drop-down menu. The menu only displays those advertisers enabled for Deep Links that you are partnered with.

3. Select the button for either single or multiple links.

4. Enter the URL of the page on the advertiser’s site you wish to link to. If you chose multiple links, enter the URLs you wish to link, up to 50, one per line.

5. Select the output format you desire: URL, text link, or image link. Publishers enabled for Signature may enter a U1 value.

  • URL: Click Create Link
  • Text Link: Input the text for the link and click Create Link
  • Image Link: Input the URL for the image and Click Create Link

6. Paste the code onto your site.  Deep Links contain your unique tracking code.

That’s it you’re ready for business!


Catherine Hagan
Marketing Specialist